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Teaching Experience

Virtual & Physical Consumer Behavior, Instructor (Undergraduate)

In-person, Spring 2023

  • Overall Teaching Effectiveness Rating: 4.93/5

Social Media & Network Analysis, Instructor (Undergraduate)

In-person, Fall 2022

  • Overall Teaching Effectiveness Rating (2 sections): 4.84/5

Fostering Creative Thinking, Associate Instructor (iMBA)

Synchronous online live sessions, Summer 2021


International Marketing, Instructor (Undergraduate)

Synchronous online class, Spring 2021

  • Teaching Effectiveness Rating: 4.78/5

  • List of Excellent Teachers at UIUC 2021

In-person (Phase 1, until March 22) and synchronous online class (Phase 2, since March 23), Spring 2020

  • Teaching Effectiveness Rating: 4.79/5

  • List of Excellent Teachers at UIUC 2020

In-person class, Fall 2018

  • Teaching Effectiveness Rating: 4.9/5

  • List of Excellent Teachers at UIUC 2018

  • Best Doctoral Student Teaching Award 2018-2019 Academic Year


New Product Development, Assistant Instructor (Undergraduate)

Synchronous online class, Fall 2020

Comments from Students

  • "I love Professor Oh. She clearly communicates the course content, her notes and lectures are always organized, she speaks at a pace that keeps you engaged, and she makes sure you know that she is available to help. She also includes examples that are relevant to us. Prof. Oh is by far my favorite professor this semester, maybe the best I've had while at Stevens."

  • "I loved the layout of the course starting with an overview of international marketing and then zooming into different areas of the world - this was awesome. I think that the video supplements in the course were also super helpful and the discussions afterwards helped to understand the material much. One of the best teachers I've had!"

  • "Hyewon is so engaging, passionate, reasonable & informed. She knew everyone in our class and clearly loved the material she taught."

  • "Prof. Oh is one of my favorite professors I have had at this university. She is thoughtful & passionate about teaching and makes me want to do my best"

  • "Really great at pushing us to learn about new & unfamiliar topics – loved that she encouraged class discussion. It made the class so interesting."

  • "She gave amazing feedback. Keep doing what you are doing. You made school fun. Thank you for being amazing."

Teaching Interests

Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Global Marketing, New Product Development 

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